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NFT Printing – Why People Make Art Prints With Their Investments

by zbay 14 Dec 2023

What is an NFT?

Anything that is one of a kind and can’t be replaced with something is technically a non-fungible token or NFT. As anyone following the cryptocurrency market also knows, an NFT doesn’t have to be a physical object. They can also be digital like computer-generated drawings or music, but a lot of the excitement is around using the technology to sell digital art.
An NFT is like a digital certificate of authority. It proves ownership of a digital artwork. Like any image, an NFT image can be copied, but the NFT cannot. The artwork itself is separate, but the NFT proves ownership. If you already sell original paintings and small batches of prints, you can add another point of revenue by offering limited edition NFT along with physical fine art prints or if you have an NFT and want to enjoy it in the physical realm, printing an NFT art print is a great choice.


Fine Art and NFTs

Fine art and NFTs actually have a lot in common:
Ownership and Authenticity: Both fine art and NFTs are associated with the concept of ownership and proving authenticity.
  • Value and Collectability: Fine art and NFTs can hold significant value influenced by the marketplace, and are often collected by enthusiasts.
  • Creative Expression: Both fine art and NFTs are forms of creative expression that can be appreciated for their aesthetics.
  • Marketplaces and Trading: Fine art and NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded in various marketplaces.
  • Scarcity: There are only so many art prints and NFT certificates available, so the limited supply factors into their unique value and appreciation.
  • Sense of Significance: Fine art and certain NFTs can have personal, cultural, or historical significance.
For each of these reasons, the value of fine art and NFTs varies widely. Both hold a place in the market and in this world of digital lifestyles, we think that NFTs should always come with a tangible piece of art for the buyer to hold and display.
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