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[Guide] The latest SHL customization solutions and answers in 2024

by zbay 14 Dec 2023

What and who is the apparel for?

We offer a practically limitless variety of apparel, and can find the right match for your project. Whether it's the perfect breathable tank top for the gym, a stylish tee for your college outing, or specialty weather and safety wear for the workplace, we have you covered.  Knowing what kind of apparel you need will help us give you a fast and accurate quote.
Browse our extensive catalog and find the perfect style to match your needs.
Due to the sheer amount of of  brands and specialty apparel we have access to,  some items may not be listed in the catalog. If you're looking for a specific brand or style not listed just let us know.
Can't find what you're looking for or have any questions about specialty apparel? We are here to help! Just let us know what you are looking with as much information as possible in our quote form. No matter the apparel, if you see it  printed anywhere we can make it happen.


Can't print apparel without a design and we are here to help. Whether you have your own artwork or need help bringing the perfect design idea to life, we can take care of all your needs.
Have the perfect idea but not the artwork?  Let us create the perfect design for your project. Haven't nailed down the idea yet? Let our design team help you conceptualize and create your next project.With our talented design team and fast turn-around we guarantee your satisfaction every time.
When providing your own art, please use the highest resolution/size/quality file you have available. PDF or origInal work files are preferable but we can work with  hi-res JPGs and other file formats.
Hi-res artwork will help us give you the best quality print, in some cases if the artwork resolution/size is too low we might need to recreate the artwork. 

Customed Process


Tell us about your project, styles, quantities, supply your own design or work with our design team.


You’ll receive an invoice and mockup with the final art, once both are approved we can proceed with your order. Take this time to look over the mockup and make sure all details are correct before approving.


Once you’ve approved the mockup and initial payment has been made your order moves into production.


Your order has entered production. Films are made, screens are  burned and your apparel is on the press.


Your order is ready! You can pick up at our Northridge location or choose for us to ship your goods. (Shipping time is not included in 7 day turnaround, please take this into account if ordering out of state).

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